Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Keeping it real and catching up with friends in A&E...

   New years resolutions made, January competitions booked, Regionals Championships entered....

January was off to a good start... then the frost came... unfortunately this led to an interrupted training programme. We managed to keep all the horses ticking over with increased afternoon hacks and riding in half the menage.

My riding and training unfortunately came to a grinding halt on Saturday when I came off a horse whilst getting on. 
The NHS was amazing and I was seen to very quickly and prompt X Rays were taken. Whilst waiting for the results I bumped into a friend whose daughter (whom I was riding with half an hour before) had just been rushed to hospital following a fall! Luckily she has no major brakes either!
The doctors said they had four other horse riders in A&E that morning and were wondering what was going on...

Its important to remember how much our horsey friends are effected by the weather... And no matter how many goals and plans you make you always have to be able to adjust and make a plan B, or C.

Thank you to those who are helping me whilst i'm one armed...

I am using the Arc Equine to aid my healing process (read about the Arc here) and  Diane Daynes has helped me along with some Kenesio tape (Visit Diane's facebook page here)

In good news... there are some perks to having a sling.... carrying the 14 week old Puppy Penny in it!

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