Tuesday, 21 February 2017

We made it!

Although the lead up to the Regionals 2017 has been a bit bumpy I'm pleased to say that we made it to Wellington EC to contest the Novice and Novice  Freestyle.
Cooter started the day in Novice 37 Gold.

He was first to go and did a good test. He was lovely to warm up and was not at all bothered by the spooky arenas even though he has never been to Wellington. He did a relaxed and rhythmical test but unfortunately had some green moments in the counter canter. He has only done a handful of novice tests but he finds most of it quite easy and shows plenty of promise for the future.

Tilly was entered in the Novice Gold Freestyle later the same afternoon. Tilly hasn't been out since October last year (though we did have pre regional outings planned!) but she travelled and came off the lorry like a pro.

Tilly felt good in the test... we were on the music for our mediums and she felt really rideable. Unfortunately very close to the end of the test we had a little explosion which affected our submission marks a lot (they are x2). It was a real pity as the test was going really well but i'm still really pleased with Tilly's performance, just a pity our 71% wasn't enough to qualify with even with an explosion 😉 .

One more regional to go :)

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