Thursday, 2 March 2017

Winter Regionals 2017

This year we havent had the best lead up to Winter Regionals, however this didn't stop Tilly and Cooter putting their best hoof forward.

Our first Regional was Wellington EC. As always Wellington ran an efficient and friendly show and in my opinion they have the best cafe around (although that isn't the main thing you look for in a competition venue!).

Cooter was first to go in a large class, he did a good rhythmical test with  green moments in the counter canter.
The previous week he had been to Quainton stud and scored just under 70% at Novice, so our score of 65% was about right for a Regional score with a few green moments.
This was his first Regionals and he was well behaved all day, he wasn't phased by anything which is promising for his future. Cooter was just outside top 10 in 13th place.

Tilly was on later the same afternoon. Her warm up was a little expressive at times. Tilly hadn't competed since last year which wasn't ideal thanks to me not being able to ride due to injury.
Tilly's freestyle test was fab (apart from one moment towards the end of the test). There is so much more to come from this horse and she was such a good girl considering she has not been in as much training as you would have liked in preparation for a Regional. She scored 71% and placed 6th.

Our next Regional was at Addington where Tilly was competing in the Novice Gold.
She was a lot more relaxed and did a good test. We had a  few slight blips which were down to balance but over all I was thrilled with her test. Lots of 8's and lovely comments. She scored just under 70% and placed 6th in a big class.


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