Wednesday, 15 July 2015


  Since the horses success at the  British Dressage Winter National Championships at the end of April they have all had some down time. Over the past month we have been cracking on with qualifying for the British Dressage summer regionals at Advanced Medium level and Prix St George. 
Daya qualified for the regionals at Bury Farm and Windmill Farm for the Advanced Medium class on scores of 69.07%, 68.10% and 67.89%.
Affinity Bay has qualified for the PSG and the Advanced  Medium regionals. He competed at Patchetts Equestrian centre and Windmill Farm and scored 68.81%, 67.94 % and 66.9%.

  Both Daya and Finn were lucky enough to  have training with Stephen Clarke recently.  Stephen is a very effective trainer and with both horses we focused mainly on  reactions from the leg and half halt which improved the quality of the trot and canter. It sounds basic but it made a huge difference  to all of the lateral work.
Finn was working on his tempi changes and canter pirouettes which are coming along nicely. We even did a few lines of one time changes.
We have also been training with Judy Harvey and Daya has been working on changes, half pass and creating more gears within the trot.
Finn and Merri have competed at Wellington, Keysoe and Addington Premier Leagues this season. Finn produced a fantastic fluent test at Addington. I was particularly  pleased with his tempi changes and the trot work.
Merri also had some good results with her best test at Wellington PL scoring 68.03%. We have also been out and completed an Inter I at Bury Farm. Merri was perfectly behaved and we got our best marks for the trickier movements such as the canter zig zag with changes and the two and three time changes. The trot work was good, we had to do shoulder in on the center line then 8m circle to half pass. Merri is very talented and athletic, she gave me a lovely ride.

We are now training towards the summer regionals in August with Finn and Daya.

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