Thursday, 30 July 2015

July 2015

The last few weeks of July have been packed with training, teaching and getting organised for next month!
Louis and I had a break through training session with Ian Woodhead. Louis is a top event horse but when it comes to dressage physically it all doesn't come so easily to him. However over the past year with the right training and Louis' endless enthusiasm to learn we have made great progress! In our last lesson we were working on canter pirouettes, tempi changes and asked the question.....
Can an eventer work towards piaffe and passage!? Hopefully in a few months we will know the answer!

Finn and Daya have been training with Judy Harvey at a local yard that we can hack to. Daya has proved she can produce every variation of a change (and some really excellent ones!) but we continue to work towards consistancy. Daya's trot has really come on recently and she is now finding the lateral work much easier. Finn was working on similar aspects in the trot as well as tempi changes and Judy pushes us to improve the canter pirouettes. They are still a little large but we had our best one to date to the right in our lesson.

I had a busy few days teaching at Pony Club camp. I was in charge of a fantastic group of children ages 6-10 as well as a set of twin four year olds!
OBH North really know how to make instructors want to teach at camp next year.... Each day we were served the most fabulous lunches with deserts and cakes that would have trumped those baked in the Great British Bake-Off. We were really spoiled! 
Finn visited camp on show day to perform a dressage to music demo. The children really enjoyed it and Affinity Bay certainly did!  He revelled in the applause, pats, 'ooos' and ' arrs & polos.
Teaching at camp teleported me back to not so many years ago when I attended....I was the type of child that prepared weeks in advance....colour coding my grooming kit, lead rope, buckets and haynets (all in purple of course). 
Camp was a great experience and I would definitely like to teach again next year!
I have also started teaching the dressage for Breakspeare Riding Club, doing clinic a few times a month. We have a good variety of horses which always makes teaching interesting and enjoyable. 

Louis has been entered for his next British Event (we are not telling him) and fingers crossed the lead up is all good this time.
Finn is going for a pre regional outing to Windmill farm at the start of August then competing at the Regionals on the 10th and 11th of August. I am going to Keysoe Regionals this weekend to support a client so looking forward to feeling that regional atmosphere! 

Short video of Daya & Finn training....

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