Monday, 17 March 2014

Young Professionals Award 2014

Young Professionals Award 2014 Sponsored by Penny Pollard on behalf of Core Context Consulting and the Worshipful Company of Saddlers

I applied for the Young Professionals Award last year about a week before the deadline, I’m so glad I did! At that point in time I wouldn't have dreamed of coming second and winning a cheque to further my career in the Equine Industry.

I would really encourage any under 25’s to look into the application process and attending a this new workshop in April

My educational journey started when filling out the first application for the award, it helped me map some of my dreams onto paper and start to work out some of the small steps that I need to take to supplement my career, help me progress, technically develop and further my education in the Industry.
I got through the semi-finals at Carl Hester’s and went onto the finals held at Talland School of Equitation.
The day started with a forty five minute session riding three ‘problem’ or ‘difficult’ horses which were all challenging in different ways. We then discussed our opinions of the horses, their strengths and weaknesses and how we might improve them. We then went on to (hopefully) put into practice our suggested improvements!

We then went on to our second riding group, a mix of Prix St Georges and Grand Prix horses, all of which were highly trained, but still had issues to be improved and worked on. The riding sessions brought up interesting topics with top International trainers Dan Sheriff and Becky Moody.
I really enjoyed my interview with Penny Pollard and Dr Moira Lafferty; it’s a privilege to be able to discuss future plans, goals, aspirations and hotly debated topics in British Dressage with such key members of the Industry.

Lunch was held at Pammy Hutton’s, a generous hostess without whom the event couldn't have taken place. Talland is a venue unlike any other; it has the facilities to host such a unique competition.  
Afternoon interviews were one on one sessions with Dan and Becky discussing riders and horses working and performing. This was really interesting and educational.

I am excited about the doors that winning silver at the Young Professionals Award  2014 has opened for me and look forward to keeping you all posted on the adventures to come!

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