Thursday, 6 March 2014

Winter Regionals 2014

We had a very successful Winter Regionals and have secured five qualifications for the British Dressage Nationals!

Cleopatra II secured our first two qualifications at Addington Manor Regionals after coming second in the Elementary Open. Later that day she scored a whopping 80% in the Elementary Open freestyle, winning by a huge margin and gaining her second place at the nationals. Her freestyle test felt amazing, her best test to date! She has dramatic film music with plenty of phrasing, which makes it really interesting to ride to.

Patchetts Equestrian Center was host to the next Regionals. I had  four horses competing.
Show-Off (aka Mabel) was first to compete. She was brilliantly behaved unfortunately her jockey didn't have her head screwed on the right way and completely forgot to perform a left canter circle, this cost us a qualifying place, Poor Mabel!

Cleopatra II won and qualified scoring 72% in the Medium restricted Freestyle test.
Bing performed his best Medium 75 test to date and won on 68% securing his qualification. His test was flowing after a blip on entry. He scored 8's for lots of his canter work and extended walk.
Urbanus IV (Louis- the eventer) came 2nd and qualified in the same class. He kept his cool and didn't add any of his own freestyle movements!

Now looking forward to the Nationals in April (9-10th)!

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