Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Happy New Year!!

First blog post of 2014! Wowwweee!

The horses are all well into their new year training.  
Daya has been doing flying changes all of December, and her new years resolution is to learn to control her excitment and not do one at every opportune moment...even trot.
 Bing has also been working on his changes, half pass and walk pirouettes.  
Both Bing and Daya have a busy month attending Excel Talent training on the 13th and 14th of January followed by competing at Addington High Profile Show. 
 Louis is back in work and loving life! He is schooling, hacking and has had a little jump. We are aiming to go out for British Showjumping at the end of January.
Young Mabel has been working hard and has got physically stronger over the winter months. She is looking forward to her first Regionals in February! Still lots of work to do before then!

Have a few results to report for January so far...
Mabel went to Bury Farm and gained a first and second with 71 and 73% in two Novice tests. Bing competed later that day and was also placed 1st and 2nd in his Medium classes.
Daya went out two days later and scored 67 and 70% in her Medium tests, winning both. Then Mabel went out two days after that and scored a whopping 73 and 75% at Patchetts! A busy week ful of some great work from all the horses. And meanwhile back at home Louis started his jump training.....He was flying!!

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