Monday, 22 July 2013

Inflation at Great Witchingham....

A mere three hour road trip to Norfolk with Urbanus II to compete at Great Witchingham International Event. 
Having been prematurely smug that I wasn't eventing on the hottest day of the year the weekend before, the weather upped its game. The heat was unbearable for poor Louis, me and all of the team. We had so much water for drinking, washing and coolers of ice to stop it all from heating up (Thanks Felicity!) which was the best we could do. I also put all my kit in the fridge between was very effective!

The day started well with the dressage, Louis scored a very good score of 24, we received two nines and a ten! The show jumping showed much improvement from our last event.... and we went onto the cross country feeling positive....

My parents bought me an air jacket last year, and I was in the dark as to how it felt to pop and inflate the jacket....until Great Witchingham. I fell off at fence five, or 'unseated', as Horse and Hound magazine so kindly reported. Fence five was a rails with one stride to an open ditch to a skinny flower box, Louis was back in a canter suitable for the fence, however, the ditch took his focus away from the rails and we went through the top bar  (luckily it had frangible pins). Louis scrambled of to the right and I was thrown to the left. 

I now understand why riders get winded when their air jacket inflates! 

Louis had a few bruises and physio work, but is feeling very sprightly and is wondering when we are next competing! 

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