Monday, 22 July 2013

Dressage and a last minute qualification...

I am extremely lucky to now be riding the fabulous 'Bing'. He is an energetic, good looking bay horse with great paces and he has been trained well. 

Having ridden Bing a handful of times we took him out to compete at a local venue, Patchetts Equestrian Center, then, a few days later, to Keysoe Equestrian Centre in Bedfordshire . Bing won all four Elementary classes he was entered in, notching up high scores and more than enough points to qualify for the Summer Regionals. 

I now have two horses qualified for the Regionals, Bing and Cleopatra II (a.k.a Daya). 

Cleoptara II hadn't been out competing since Wellington Premier League so we decided to take her to Keysoe Equestrian Center for a few Elementary classes. Having arrived late we only had fifteen minutes warm up, which made for a grumpy Daya, so we were happily surprised with a win in the first class on 72% followed by a proper warm up and another win on 76%. 

Mabel, the youngest dressage horse, doesn't like being left out, so we took her to an unaffiliated dressage competition at Patchetts Equestrian Center. Travelling in a horse box is still very exciting and exhausting for Mabel but her behavior was brilliant the whole day! She scored a whopping 75% in her Prelim test and the judge commented, 
"A star in the making". 

Mabel doesn't have the stamina of the older horses yet... the dressage outing really took it out of her, which made her extremely sleepy for the rest of the week.....
The picture shows me tacking up Mabel while she is still lying down. 

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