Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Nationals 2017

Finn looking fab in the stunning Eqco quarter sheet which has diamonte binding!!

 We were so excited to be heading to the British Dressage Winter Nationals- not once but twice! 
First was the Pet Plan Inter I championships on the Wednesday then we returned on the Saturday for the Inter I Gala Evening.

  It's fantastic to make it the the BD Nationals and I would like to start by Thanking my sponsors for their continued support and also thank my team and trainers who help me everyday along the way.

Finnley enjoying some Blue Chip Calming Balancer
  Finn was a total star in the PetPlan Inter I- he was focussed (any exuberance before he headed down the centre line doesn't count!!) and he tried so much for me.
He was relaxed and swinging over his back and I was very pleased with his test. We had a blip in the first move off, last halt, and a very costly change of leg out of the right canter pirouette. If you want to watch our test in HD click HERE - Huge Thanks to David from Harveywetdog Productions for filming my test.

Love our new WOW saddle with extra straight panel and deep dressage seat...plus a few extras so it fits Finn and me perfectly!

After we had washed Finn off and made him comfortable I checked the online score... note to self- always check the official score board!
I was totally confused as my scored went up as 56%... my support team all said it was a good test and I felt it had gone well so I was left scratching my head! Turns out it was a typo! It was actually 66.94% which put us into an early lead!! 

Ready to go in brand new Equilibrium Stretch and Flex Flatwork wraps- such great boots.

We finished in a fab third place overall and received some beautiful rosettes and prize money!
Finn wearing white Eqco bandages enhanced with stunning silver thread.

  Saturday Nights Gala Evening didn't go to plan. The HUGE atmosphere and crowds really got to Finn and I couldn't show him off at all. He made it round with many mistakes but survived! So it was a great experience for us both and we have certainly learnt from it. Thank you British Dressage for the opportunity.
Finn wearing stunning Eqco grey and silver bandages...my favourites!

Over all we enjoyed our time at Hartpurty- massive thank you to my Mum who was super groom all week!

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