Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Keysoe Premier League....

   Keysoe Premier League was a good show for all the horses. Affinity Bay was placed 11th on the second day. The first day his canter was brilliant but trot lacked expression and the second day the trot had more than enough expression but the canter was rather exuberant that led to some costly errors.

   Merri had a great test on the second day- she was really with me in all the work, unfortunately we had one misunderstanding in the extended trot but it didn't effect the rest of the test.
I was thrilled to score 7's from all of the judges in the canter pirouettes.
Below is a link to the test....

   Galanci RS made her debut at the Premier League in the 5yo Young Horse class.
She was incredible and really rose to the occasion.
She finished an incredible 2nd Place and qualified straight through to the semi finals!!

    I had the opportunity to go training at Hughes Dressage before the Premier League. We had a great day and learnt lots. Below is a training video....


   Todd had his first trip to Windmill Farm at the start of April. He was very well behaved and wasn't spooky at all. He produced his most relaxed tests to win both Prelims on 67 and 69%.

   Dante went to Addington (our second ever show together) and was extremely good. He navigated a busy warm up and spooky arenas like a pro. He score 66.9% with some green blips but over all he is showing so much promise for the future.

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