Friday, 15 January 2016

Addington High Profile Show

Addington High Profile show is the first big competition of the season. The classes were absolutely huge!
I was riding Merri and Finn in the Prix St George and the PSG Freestyle.

Merri warmed up well and stayed relaxed in the trot work throughout her test. She scored 7's and 7.5's for most of her trot work, shoulder in, 8m circles and half pass. The canter was also good scoring a 7.5 for her four time changes unfortunately we had a costly mistake in the three time changes. We also had a blip in the left pirouette but over all I was really pleased with Merri's performance. She scored 66.27% which was a top ten placing and won the Silver Section!
It was not Finn's day unfortunately....after warming up well we think he got his tongue over the bit in the test so I had to retire as he was clearly not happy. Retirement in a dressage test was also a first for me!

The PSG freestyle had many withdrawn as the snow hit on Saturday evening. Luckily we had late times so the majority  had melted by the time we left for Addington.
Merri was first to go... The trot worked minus  a small blip but overall it was very expressive. Her canter was good but unfortunately we had a mistake  in the 4 time changes which was costly and we didn't have a spare line to redo them as we were slightly behind the music. 
Finn was a lot more relaxed performing to music although he had two explosive moments in the medium canter and trot!  His music was very loud as I asked them to turn it right up as Merri's was far to quiet... but this meant it was a little distorted.
Overall I'm very pleased with both horses and now back to training to work on getting the marks even higher. 
Thank you Addington for running a super show!

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