Wednesday, 30 September 2015


  As the leaves fall off the trees and Autumn starts to draw in it is with deep sadness that I write that on Sunday 13th September  we lost our dearly beloved horse,  Louis. 
Thank you Louis for the memories that we will always cherish, the experiences we shared together and the competitions we contested. Our competition  highlight together was Houghton International CCI* and a double clear round at our first Open Intermediate Under 21.  

   Louis was abundant in his enthusiasm for life, he was always smiling. Every morning he was bright eyed and excited at the prospect of being worked- when you emerged from the tack room with his kit his ears were pricked, eyes wide and he would have one leg wavering in eagerness.
   Louis loved human and equine company. He was very gentle and would take a polo from between your lips on command....he really was a special horse. His best friend was Drumbeat who he enjoyed field antics with. They loved scratching and rolling...and their favourite tipple was eating the new shoots of grass which were growing slowly where we had just re seeded round the gate area...yumyum!

I would like to thank Louis' owner Felicity Norrie. Thank you Felicity and Rob for letting me ride The Bear, your support over the years has given us so many happy memories adventuring around the country competing.


Thank you Jonathan Chapman for all your jump training and support and Ian Woodhead for dressage training. Louis was working on his tempi changes and canter pirouettes only a few weeks previous.

   I would also like to thank our Sponsors Blue Chip Feed, Equilibrium Products and Lisa Sparrowhawk. Louis was in peak condition thanks to Blue Chip and Equilibrium ensured he was always the best dressed/booted horse.
   Bear had many supporters and is in the hearts of many- Thank you all for your kind messages- I can only say that he passed away painlessly doing what he loved and will be cherished in the hearts of so many people forever. 
Thank you Louis for being the horse of a lifetime, you taught me so much and I wish we could all express your joy and enthusiasm for life as freely as you did. 

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