Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Qualifications...four horses, 12 tests.

As November is drawing to a close I'm happy to announce I have four horses qualified in 12 classes for the Winter Regionals in February. We gained final qualifications yesterday at Patchetts Equestrian Centre with Daya and Bing scoring 73 and 74% In the  Advanced Medium Freestyle placing 1st and 2nd. Finn (owned by Felicity Norrie) had a good competition, he scored 70% in the advanced 105 and one highlight was a score of 7.5 for his four time changes.

It was a busy evening at Patchetts, I had to ride two tests within 30 minutes of each other. On the way to the event I made a quick stop at Fred and Gingers Coffee shop in Kings Langely to grab some green juices to keep me going... After chatting for a bit to long to the friendly staff I left the shop to see Bing driving past in the lorry! Luckily my car is much faster than the horse box so I beat him to Patchetts! 

At the end of this week I'm looking forward to competing at Bury Farm High Profile show...

D x

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