Tuesday, 22 October 2013

British Dressage Summer Nationals 2013....and more!

Well.... it couldn't have gone any better really!

Cleopatra II won the Elementary Stretch and Flex class on a brilliant score of 73% and her stablemate Bing came second on 69%! Cleopatra II's test was fluent, forward and accurate, she was on good form on the day and I couldn't have asked any more of her. Although Bing was a little bit nervous he really kept his cool in the arena and did a great test even with a bit of tension.

I didn't think my national experience could get any better....until Cleopatra II won the Novice open the next day on 71.8%!

Even now writing this and thinking back to the Nationals it seems like a surreal experience  filled with rosettes, trophies, rugs, jackets, TV interviews, podcasts, reporters and sashes. The horses got lots of beautiful new boots and bandages from Equilibrium Products who sponsored the class, which they are now using for every day wear and competitions.

Here is a clip of Cleopatra II's prizegiving


A lot has gone on since the Nationals.....

I have been selected onto the BEF Sport England Excel Talent programme. The induction day is at the end of October which I am extremely excited about! I also got an Interview for the Young Professionals award which was held at Carl Hester's yard. It was an amazing day and I felt very privileged to not only have a lesson from Carl but also spend the whole day watching him train and chatting about his methods.

Bing has been out competing at medium level, he has done four tests and won all of them (his highest score being 72%). Cleopatra II won the medium freestyle at Patchetts and is now aiming to go out and compete at medium level.
Mabel (aka Show-Off) made her debut at affiliated dressage and so far has had  a 100% winning streak with scores all above 70%!

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